Bentaus Is for Accredited Investors


This investment is only open to accredited investors as defined by federal law. Like any investment, this investment involves risk, which could be substantial. However, this fund’s backbone is the manufacturing of cryptocurrencies and development and investment in cutting edge technologies as opposed to most hedge funds which try to profit from predicting market movement in securities, futures, crypto currencies and other speculative markets. If you are interested in participating in the fast-growing cryptocurrency space without subjecting yourself to the whims of market movement, then this investment could be for you. Detailed information on the fund is contained in the fund documents including the Private Placement Memorandum, which is available on request. Bentaus is more than happy to arrange a one on one conversation with one of our team members, and, if you are ready to invest, a conversation with Mr. Davidoff, the fund manager. The team at Bentaus will answer any questions you may have. It is important to note that this should be considered as a longer-term investment, as investors’ funds are used primarily to purchase equipment to mine cryptocurrencies. As in any manufacturing operation, it does take some time to recoup the cost of the equipment but Bentaus believes the equipment will pay for itself in about 6 months, depending on cryptocurrency values.



Below are additional details on some of the emerging technologies that Bentaus will explore and potentially invest in. It is important to note that Bentaus will not only look at other companies that are working on these emerging technologies. It will also be developing its own technologies to offer to the business world.