Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

Management Philosophy

Income Producing Technology:

The fund’s main objective is to look for emerging technologies that are in their infant stages but also currently produce income and are poised for years of high growth. Maintaining a state of liquidity is also an important factor in the fund to enable Bentaus to be able to move adaptively and dynamically on spotted trends. The initial sources of the portfolio will have a balanced and diversified approach that derives from cryptocurrency mining generating cryptocurrencies that can be sold on the open markets (Mining Bitcoin), setting up and running income-producing nodes that yield returns while also having the potential for appreciation of the cryptocurrency such as a Tezos Bakery

Bentaus portfolio philosophy is built on the foundation that the fund’s initiatives and strategies should have a very high percentage of liquidity so Bentaus can move quickly in and out of investments and holdings as timing in these fast-paced markets is very important. The cryptocurrency market is quite liquid and Bentaus will be able to sell the cryptocurrencies it has manufactured and purchased to the open market and every single day, 365 days a year as these markets do not close.

From time to time Bentaus may invest in Stock opportunities in companies that provide the parts or technologies or the pieces that are needed for the emerging technology. Examples of this would be investing in the chipmakers like Nvidia or AMD.

Bentaus will also look at portions of the funds and profits to invest in IT projects selected based on the manager’s deep and extensive knowledge of the IT space. By investing in a concentrated portfolio of Emerging Technologies that primarily focuses on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing and Applications, and similar Information Technology based assets and equity/debt securities and/or derivative instruments, the fund strives to enhance the return for investors.

Mr. Davidoff’s wide experience gives him the ability to effectively analyze and gauge the viability of emerging information technologies and engineering projects that relate thereto. That is why we believe that Bentaus LLC provides unique opportunities for accredited investors looking for alternative investments to just standard securities investments.

No other Hedge Fund or Alternative Investments will have these opportunities as currently they are exclusive only to Bentaus. To illustrate just a couple of the areas that Bentaus has already entered, we provide the following examples:

Pay With Moon

Bentaus has invested in Pay With Moon ( PayWithMoon.com) and believes this type of technology will be mainstream and have the ability to use cryptocurrencies seamlessly in everyday use in commerce as digital forms of tokens, currencies, and fiats are the future of value stores, and exchanged transactions. This particular project is beyond the development stage and moving in the direction of implementation.


Bentaus has invested in Shensoft which provides software that focuses on services for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Mr. Davidoff’s wide experience gives him the ability to effectively analyze and gauge the viability of emerging information technologies and engineering projects that relate thereto. That is why we believe that Bentaus LLC provides unique opportunities for accredited investors looking for alternative investments to just standard securities investments.

In another area, Bentaus is exploring the use of proprietary systems to provide efficient cooling for high-speed computers. These computers generate substantial amounts of heat and need to be cooled. Currently, most computers are cooled using traditional air conditioning technology, but Bentaus is developing a much more efficient alternative that it will market to the world. These are just two of many projects Bentaus is considering for investment.

To Manage the cryptocurrencies mined daily, Bentaus has developed a strategy to sell and/or retain cryptocurrency assets based on certain proprietary knowledge the manager has developed. By looking at a variety of factors, the manager believes that he can enhance the return for the fund by properly managing the controlled liquidation of cryptocurrency earned through mining.

No one expects an investor who has not closely studied the cryptocurrency and IT markets to necessarily be knowledgeable. That is why, if you decide to invest, you need to choose a manager that has a proven track record. Mr. Davidoff not only has a proven track record in running successful businesses over the last 20 years but he has also successfully mined cryptocurrencies over the last four years. Through this mining experience, he has learned to manage the strategies involved in maximizing returns by using his proprietary knowledge to try to get the most from the cryptocurrency mining enterprise.


Investment Strategies

Master Nodes

This strategy involves working with crypto coins, whether through mining and/or purchase, gathering a sufficient amount to become a Mater Node. Upon reaching this goal, the fund would earn transaction fees, staking fees, and possibly earn profits on the appreciation of the coin’s value.


The fund would buy coins so they can be stored in a wallet, and earn a return on investment, similar to earning interest, a yield, or ROI. For example ATOM yields around 9% a year, so the fund would mine BTC, and convert a percentage of the BTC into ATOM, hold some BTC, and turn it into a stake.

Ethereum- The fund would mine Ethereum, but it would let the wallet grow and stake it so the coins being mined compound on the staking, almost like a dividend reinvestment. Again we are not necessarily converting the coins we mined to US Fiat.


Mining is the creation of cryptocurrency using high-speed computers to run algorithms that secure and verify the blockchain for individual coins. This work is paid for with cryptocurrency that the mining supports. A substantial portion of the investment will be dedicated to mining, but the remainder of the funds would be used to work with and finance the other strategies.

Crypto Index 

A crypto index, similar to a stock index, can be traded. Based on information obtained by and the knowledge and intuition of the manager, the fund would use this vehicle to hedge the future earnings gained through mining and /or speculate. This vehicle is currently available at CMC Markets.

Buying Hash

Hash is a term that refers to the calculations required to mine cryptocurrency. There are times when it may be profitable to buy hash and use it for mining. RTB ( Real-time bidding on Hash), allows the fund when it determines that is better to buy hash instead of the coins or even using the fund’s own mining facilities to derive income from the imbalance between the value of hash and the price of the coin or the cost of mining.

Investing in Securities

Based on the manager’s analysis, it may be worthwhile purchasing and holding ETFs and stocks in some crypto companies or even AMD and other chip companies. The firm may also trade in securities of datacenters and mining companies. These companies trade on the OTC market.

Private Equity 

By investing through S.A.F.E.S , stock, convertible notes and the like of companies such as Moon or Buyside Global, Bentaus can possibly profit from companies that focus on emerging tech, crypto, blockchain, etc.

Patent Applications

HODL – last but not least – Buy and Hold some coins

HODL is the crypto term for holding cryptocurrencies for profit through an increase in the market value of crypto coins. Under some conditions, the fund would hold cryptocurrency it mined rather than converting it into U.S. Dollars, expecting that the increase in the value of the coins mined would augment the profits of the fund based on such appreciation. The manager would determine the amount and duration involved in such a hold. There are certain factors that the manager can evaluate that may not be easily available to others that could assist in determining when to sell and when to convert.

Copper Recycling

As mentioned earlier, one man’s trash ins another man’s treasure. This Is particularly true when it comes to copper. There is a huge amount of copper supplies, such as pipes and wiring, that can be purchased at very low prices. Bentaus has already purschased thousands of dollars worth of cpper scrap at low prices and has and will further develop facilities to recycle that copper. Then the recycled copper can be converted into inducstrial bars as well as investment bars, which are .999 fine copper. These investment bars are much more valuable that industrial copper, but the cost of conversin is a mere fraction of the value added when the copper is smelted into investment grade.
Benaus will be purchasing scrap copper and recycling it. The fund is also considering orhter metal recycling projects.

Bentaus mines cryptocurrency and depending on macro and microeconomic conditions will convert the cryptocurrency to US dollars or Hold (HODL) based upon many factors such as the current global climate, inflation, price of crypto, and the cost to mine it. Because of the knowledge, ability, and experience of Bentaus managers, the fund generates revenue and has income-producing components from these mining operations. As investors become members of Bentaus, depending upon the current allocation and percentages of the funds’ portfolio the money they invest will be used to purchase the latest computer equipment to efficiently mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Funds will also be used to develop and become what are called nodes.