Bentaus is Technology + Finance Investing (FinTech)

Bentaus is Transparent, Secure and Safe

The fund is managed by Bentaus Management LLC, whose principal is Robert C. Davidoff. Mr. Davidoff has more than 20 years of operating successfully in the information technologies space. With a degree in Management Information Systems and a wide range of experience from developing highly complex systems, to spearheading a retail financial trading services company as the CEO, Mr. Davidoff brings his unique talents to this fund. Besides his IT and Executive level experience, the details of which are contained in the private placement memorandum, Mr. Davidoff has been successfully mining cryptocurrencies for his own account over the last four years. In fact, Mr. Davidoff is so confident in this project that he has invested in excess of $650,000 of his own equipment, cryptocurrencies, private equity investments and put it into the fund to kickstart Bentaus LLC.


Bentaus has a Hedge Fund Guardian

To provide safety and security to investors, Bentaus has engaged the services of Hedge Fund Guardian, an administrator run by Chicago attorney Gary M. Sinclair. Through this arrangement, Mr. Sinclair is the signatory on the Bentaus Fund bank account, so no manager of the fund has access or has the opportunity to loot the fund for its own purposes. This totally transparent check and balance on the fund is not only there to protect its investors, but investors can be confident that their funds will not be stolen by a rogue manager or misappropriated.

Bentaus mines cryptocurrency and depending on macro and microeconomic conditions will convert the cryptocurrency to US dollars or Hold (HODL) based upon many factors such as the current global climate, inflation, price of crypto, and the cost to mine it. Because of the knowledge, ability, and experience of Bentaus managers, the fund generates revenue and has income-producing components from these mining operations. As investors become members of Bentaus, depending upon the current allocation and percentages of the funds’ portfolio the money they invest will be used to purchase the latest computer equipment to efficiently mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Funds will also be used to develop and become what are called nodes.