Investing with Purpose

An Introduction to Bentaus

Let us introduce to you Bentaus LLC., a totally different concept in hedge funds. Bentaus invests in Emerging Technologies where the management team identifies high growth opportunities in these sectors such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Quantum, A.I., and other exciting technologies.

Our team looks for proven technologies in their early stages (Leaving Room For Growth) that are actually making real-world impacts today and have that “IT” factor to possibly produce a paradigm shift not only in their respective industries but also have a forever changing positive impact on everyday lives. This recipe and formula of successful investing methodologies have been used to identify companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, Twilio, and yes even Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What We do Best

Bridge the Gap between Technology and Finance to Identify High Growth Investment Opportunities.

Bentaus’ management team are seasoned professionals in their areas of expertise. Not only do they use traditional methods such as a combination of public stocks, options, and other prototypical hedge fund strategies, but Bentaus differentiates itself from the pack by being able to include other investment opportunities in its portfolio that are ONLY available for Accredited Investors to partake.  These other investment opportunities include identifying private equity companies that have unique technologies and investing in them at their earliest stages. Also, Bentaus has its own cryptocurrency mining operations and data center capabilities, giving it a superior edge with its extremely strong technology background.

The Three Secret Keys

  • Revenue

    Buy the Machines that “mine” or generate the cryptocurrency and sell it on the Open markets. This creates revenue.

  • Expense

    Pay for the Electric, Warehouse, and Other Fees. This creates the Expense

  • Margin / ROI

    Maximize the Revenue and Minimize the Expense as much as possible. Basically run the business the most efficient and optimal way possible, to reduce costs. This creates your Margin or Profit. and by doing it better than most possibly at very high rates of return.

Bentaus Sees the Whole Picture with Its Birdseye View

Looking at charts and news, is one thing but truly being involved and understanding the Technology, Adaptation, User Acceptance, and being part of the emerging technology community brings investing to another level of perspective.