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Bentaus Mining provides a greener, eco-friendly way to mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining

What is Bentaus?

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We are a futuristic energy company that harness the energy of our star using Solar panels. We store energy like a battery through Bitcoin, while letting financial transactions ride over the waves of digital energy.

We help humanity by using direct carbon capture technology to help eliminate our carbon footprint.

Core Values

Bentaus Mining Core Values

Bentaus Mining provides a greener, eco-friendly way to mine Bitcoin. Bentaus Mining goal is to become 100% carbon neutral while doing our part to create the value store of the future for the Universe.


Renewable Energy

By Installing Solar at our mining locations, and working with power companies we aim to keep a carbon-neutral footprint and create a blueprint for the industrial world.


Humanity Driven

We truly believe that Peer to Peer systems, based on blockchain technology can help mankind make their everyday lives more enjoyable.


Decentralized Mining

By creating many mining facilities around the world and helping other mining companies do the same. Bentaus Mining strives to keep the Bitcoin Network decentralized for all.

Bitcoin Mining

Current Projects

Bitcoin mining operations

North Dakota


North Florida

New Mexico

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